I don't have the original sources for any of the images on this web site, except for the Taiwan and Thailand signs and the images which were scanned in from photographs.

Many images are from photographs mailed to me or images e-mailed to me by various people, listed in the Acknowledgments page. For images not listed there or below, the sources are photos found on the web, such as the Motoways/Highways thread in SkyscraperCity.

United States

The ultimate source for most of the state highway signs shown in this web site is

United States Road Symbol Signs, published by the Federal Highway Administration, 1979

although I didn't get the images from that publication. I assume the folder that I borrowed for the state highway signs got their images from this publication, since the signs are exactly the same.

Most of the Canadian highway signs came from official highway maps from each province.

The 1948 state highway signs are from a 1948 road map or pamphlet found in the Miami Public Library.

The Arizona state loop route shield sign images and the National Forest route shield are from the Manual of Traffic Signs by Richard C. Moeur.

The Florida's Turnpike sign is from the Florida Department of Transporation web site.

The Kentucky signs are from the 1975 Official Kentucky Highway and Parkway Map.

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority logo is from the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority home page.


The Alberta signs are from the Government of Alberta.


The Sweden trunk route sign came from the web site of Vägverket, Sweden's National Road Administration.