Standard County Markers

Standard county route marker, used nationwide. This one is in Siskiyou County, California.

Non-standard County Markers

Note: Many of the states listed below use both non-standard and standard county markers.


Fremont County 9


Edmonson County 1113. Very old county sign.


Pine County 23


Pemiscot County 217. These are being phased out in favor of the standard pentagon.


Spur Route 64A. The "64" refers to Nehama County, which is the 64th county alphabetically in Nebraska. Spurs and links are lettered sequentially in each county.
Link Route 45B. The "45" refers to Holt County.

New York

Orange County 86

South Dakota

Brown County 20
Deuel County 10


County Route TW
A Class B Highway. It's not numbered.